CHaiLDな人を探しています。(I’m looking for CHaiLDish people)

エドテック企業へ(Our Aim is to be an EdTech Company)

CHaiLDに集中(Focusing on CHaiLD)

AI保育革命(AI Childcare Revolution)

保護者が保育園の利用を決めた理由(The Deciding Factors for Parents Choosing Daycare Centers)

日本の福祉施設は融合した方が良い(A fusion of Japanese welfare facilities is better)

当社の強み Part.6 生産性を高める3つのタイプ(Our company’s strong point part 6 – three ways to increase productivity)

当社の強み Part.5 ICT技術の活用(Our company’s strong point part 5 – Utilizing ICT (information communication technology) system)