The Second Edition of “AI CHILDCARE”
My book on childcare will be reprinted at the end of this month.
I added some information to this edition.
Thankfully, it was very well received, but the first edition was thin because it was written for people who didn’t know anything about the childcare field or who knew a little.
Of course, I wrote about a few points of childcare in the first edition, so someone who is familiar with childcare might say, ”I see. I didn’t know that.”.However, if a beginner reads it, the degree of understanding was low.
Therefore, this time, in response to some requests, I added a little text to the chapter on AI childcare and childcare robots for the childcare field.
Perhaps it will be reprinted again, but what is written in this edition is basically written based on reality, so I would like to rewrite some content every time it is reprinted.
I will stop updating it when I reach individual (personalized) optimization of childcare.