VEVO is a robot who assists nursery teachers. Actually, VEVO is a part of CCS (Child Care System). CCS is a cloud system that our company (global bridge HOLDINGS) developed to deal with daycare documentation.The Japanese welfare field is very analog, so Japanese nursery teachers have written all documents by hand because Japanese welfare facilities are managed autonomously.
For example, teachers have to record the time that children arrived at a daycare and go back to their home, children’s napping time every 5 minutes, children’s body temperature, write letters to parents, subsidy applications to municipalities, etc. Using our system, we could finish what was 2 hours of work before in 5 minutes. We started using this system 5 years ago.
Japanese daycares have a lot of information. Japanese nursery teachers record the details including children’s height & weight, a household’s revenue, family structure, how many hours have children spent in daycare, when & how many hours children have slept, and when and what children could do. Until now, Japanese daycares have discarded children’s information after a government inspection. Therefore, there is a lot of information contained just in the brain of a nursery teacher. So, a daycare’s subsidies are proportional to a nursery teacher’s experience in years. Because a government assesses that the quality of a nursery teacher who has long experience is better than the quality of a nursery teacher who has short experience. In fact, I think it’s not true.
We are developing VEVO to support nursery teachers so that they can provide adequate child care to individual children. The first goal of our VEVO project is 2020. And I believe that VEVO will change conventional Japanese child care. However, we should work on privacy security and the training of nursery teachers. Simply put, the definition of an excellent nursery teacher will change after the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
In my opinion, an excellent nursery teacher will be the nursery teacher who can analyze a children’s data to recognize their talents and interests.
Our challenge continues.

global bridge HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. CEO Joe Sadamatsu