Our JASM symposium went off without a hitch. We focused on ‘childcare’ in the symposium we had held before, but this time we focused on ‘Developmental Disorder’ with the theme of ‘Developing Diversity’ for the first time.
However, the participation of people working in developmental disorder field was less than I expected, so I was worried. Eventually, the people such as nursery teachers, scholars, and people from other fields, participated in the symposium, and the symposium was full.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Even though JASM (The Japanese Association of Social Welfare Management) is an association, I am a businessman but not a scholar, so I am not involved in the association’s activities except for budgeting. However, just in case I had a speech since I am the representative of JASM.
I felt that we have to change ourselves because the society we live in will become more diverse with foreigners, the elderly, a declining birthrate, and so on.
When I think how to change ourselves, I thought that there is a solution in diversity.
Simply put, diversity can create the change.
We should utilize this diversity as well.
Even though we are in the same field such as the education field, welfare field, the elderly field, developmental disorder field, we hardly know each other.
Elementary schools and daycare centers hardly know each other.
Elementary schools and after school care programs for children with special needs hardly know each other.
Daycare centers and kindergartens and after school care programs for infants with special needs hardly know each other.
We are cold to people who we don’t know.
So, I think that we have to have opportunities to get to know each other.
The JASM symposium was built on the partnership of corporations, government and academia.
I would be glad if I could facilitate opportunities of an exchange of viewpoints on a macro-scale such as government, companies, schools, and a micro-scale such as companies and companies, companies and consumers.