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  • The 3rd scholarship exam in 2020 will be postponed due to the effects of COVID-19.
  • As soon as the date is decided, we will inform you on our website.
  • We wish Cambodian people good health.

Purpose of the Scholarship

This Scholarship was established to support those High school students who wish to learn at university by providing a subsidy to help cover the necessary tuition fees and living expenses. This Scholarship helps students to access educational opportunities while having a stable environment in which they may focus on their studies. We expect Scholarship students to make great contributions in both Cambodia and Japan in the future.

The third scholarship test scheduled for 2020 is approved by the Director of the Department of Education, Siem Reap, and scholarship posters are posted at each high school in Siem Reap Province.
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Future schedule (planned)

After passing the scholarship exam and entering university, you will learn Japanese and elderly care skills in parallel with studying at university. You will need to pass three exams: “the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N4 or higher)”, “Nursing care Japanese language evaluation test”and”Nursing care skills evaluation test” that are held in Cambodia until or immediately after graduating from university. After graduating from university and passing the above three exams, you will work in a nursing home and office in Japan in order to acquire knowledge and skills related to the nursing care business. After 5 years of employment in Japan, you will return to Cambodia, but you can choose to continue working as a gbHD group employee or change to a local company at that time. If you continue to work in the gbHD group, we are currently assuming that you will start up and operate a nursing care business in Cambodia.
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Do you know a country called Japan?
Because it is easier to understand, I will explain Japan compare with Cambodia. Japan is located about 4,300 km northeast of Cambodia.(The distance from the north to the south of Cambodia is about 400km.) Summer is as hot as Cambodia, but in winter there are cold areas where it snows. Comparing the land area of the two countries, Japan is 377,971 km2 and Cambodia is 181,035 km2. In other words, Japan is about twice as large as Cambodia.

Comparing the population, Japan is the world’s 10th largest country with about 126.52 million.Cambodia has about 16 million people.In other words, the Japanese population is about eight times that of Cambodia. Comparing GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which shows the country’s economic scale and production volume, Japan is about $ 5,760 billion. Cambodia’s GDP is about 20 billion dollars. Japan’s GDP is about 288 times that of Cambodia.Tokyo, the capital of Japan where I live, has a GDP of about $ 1,616.7 billion. This is the world’s best GDP by city.

Thus, Japan is a very large and rich country compared to Cambodia. However, Cambodia has grown in population and economy in recent years. It may catch up with Japan in the future. On the other hand, Japan is a country with a declining birthrate and an aging population that has been declining for about 10 years and will continue to decline.

The declining birthrate and aging population means that the life expectancy will increase and the number of elderly people will continue to increase due to medical development. On the other hand, many young people migrate to Tokyo for employment, eventually get married, and both work, so this is a social phenomenon where the age of childbirth is delayed and the number of children decreases. Japan is the longest-lived country in the world. People over 100 are no longer unusual.It is good that the number of elderly people increases, but the number of working young people who bear taxes to support the increased number of elderly people is decreasing. This is the fundamental problem of an aging society with fewer children.

In order to solve this population problem, our global bridge operates a lot of facilities in Tokyo, Osaka and the surrounding areas for taking care of small children and elderly people who cannot live alone.Internet technology: In order to increase the productivity of workers by using ICT and robot technology, we also provide services at a company called social solutions. In the future, I would like to make it a globally accepted company. So I am looking for excellent people to work with.Specifically, they are staff and managers working in future kindergartens and nursing homes, and system engineers who create robots.The nationality of the workers does not matter for us.

We have a relationship with Cambodia and go to employee training every year, and in 2018 we created a kindergarten in Sasarsdom.The global bridge scholarship started in 2018, and some students have already received the university. This year we would like to give more students a scholarship. Study a lot and get a high level of culture and Japanese at university. After graduation, you will work with us in Japan. We pay all tuition fees until graduating from university.

Students who pass this exam will surely be better off because they can graduate from university, acquire Japanese and English, and have experience working at a listed company in Japan.Scholarship recruitment is held every year. Please do your best for students who will take the exam next year and connect to the future.Please grab a good future with your own strength.

We are engaged in the elderly care business. Elderly care is to help people whose mind and body function have deteriorated due to aging or illness. We maintain and improve mind and body functions through support such as eating, bathing and excretion. We perform function training for the purpose of living an independent life. In Japan, where the aging rate is high, elderly care is one of the social issues. Cambodia currently does not have a high aging rate, but the average life expectancy is increasing, while the healthy life expectancy is about 10 years lower than the average life expectancy. The need for nursing care for the elderly is expected to increase in the future.


Voices of employees working at our company What do they want to achieve by working at our company?

  • Name : T.Shibuya

    Job : Ai-Ai Nursery / Director
    Cambodia : went several times since 2011

    What kind of work do you currently do?
    I am the director of the Ai-Ai nursery school. My school is a new school just opened in April 2019.Both the children and the staff are getting used to it. In order to deliver safety and security to the staff management and children, I do childcare according to the philosophy.
    Please give me your impression of Cambodia.
    When I went there for the first time, I knew only in the world of books and images at the time, so I had the image that it was dirty, hard to spend, or nothing. However, while I went to Cambodia seven times, the image changed, and I changed to the image that it was easy to spend. Also, even though there is nothing, I feel that it is a place where you can get a learning like you are not in Japan.
    What did you gain from your Cambodian experience (what you use for your work)?
    Although the language, culture and environment are different, the Cambodian people involved often cooperated and felt that they were good people. I thought when I was working as a director in Japan. The environment in which each staff was raised is different, and I think that there are words that the person utters on the background. With that in mind, I think in the other party’s position as “how do you think this person thinks” or “what kind of words do you think about in the mind” and I also say “This is the best for telling this person I wonder what the language is, ”and I can communicate. And I think that it became possible to lead the person to do the best day care.
    What is your current task?
    In my own mind, I consciously go to “think things in the other party’s position”,I would like to have the other party do it as well.And I feel that it is an issue to tell them to think like that. As it is time when feelings of each staff come out gradually in new nursery school, we want all the staff to be conscious of “standing in the other party’s position” again. And I would like to make it an organization in which the business purpose and philosophy are instilled.
    What do you want to do by working in the AIAIグループ group?
    Since I work as a director of one organization, I want to create an organization where the company’s philosophy penetrates and continues to penetrate. I would like to realize the creation of an organization where people other than me can firmly communicate to newcomers. I would like to firmly understand the company’s way of thinking and guidelines in my organization and make it an organization that can transmit it to the next generation. And I want to aim at the human resources that will be the bridge between Cambodia and Japan.
  • Name : M.Nakano

    Job : Nijino hiroba / Staff
    Cambodia : went in September 2018

    What kind of work do you currently do?
    I work at a child development support facility.For preschoolers, assessments will be conducted in a fun way with children with disabilities and children with developmental delays. And based on the individual support plan made to each and every one, I work to support development.
    Please give me your impression of Cambodia.
    When you origami with children at “Everyone’s elementary school”, you will have an origami of children that are smaller than you, and you will teach with gestures, “Make this child’s part!” Looking at the figure, I felt that there were many people with a kind heart to think of people.
    What did you gain from your Cambodian experience (what you use for your work)?
    I came to think that I wanted to value the connection with people. As well as relationships with children and collaboration among staff, we try to create an environment that is easy to talk so that all of our parents will not have problems with child rearing alone. We value places where we can have exchanges with each other.
    What is your current task?
    To understand the listening more deeply and to use it to support the parents.
    What do you want to do by working in the AIAIグループ group?
    I think it would be nice if the problems caused by isolated parenting would be even less. In modern Japan, I think that connections and connections with people in the region are getting worse than before. We want to aim at the world where we can watch over the growth of the children while helping each other so that the people who do their best in child-raising do not have the pain and pain by having trouble and anxiety alone. For that purpose, first I would like to treat many people with warm heart and value connections.
  • Name : M.Hashimoto

    Job : Ai-Ai Nursery / Staff
    Cambodia : went in Feburary 2019

    What kind of work do you currently do?
    I am a nursery teacher at Ai-Ai Nursery School.I joined globalbridge as a new employee and now I am in the second grade.I am currently a 2 year old child class nursery teacher.
    Please give me your impression of Cambodia.
    I once went to Cambodia for sightseeing, and at that time I experienced an orphanage volunteer. Cambodia had the image of developing and the image of street children, but the capital was prosperous, there were buildings and there were also many foreign tourists. Not all is prosperous, but I was surprised at the gap anyway.I was feeling that I would do everything, but rather, I had learned a lot from people who are poor but smile and act brightly.
    What did you gain from your Cambodian experience (what you use for your work)?
    It has changed my mind through this experience rather than utilizing this experience in my work. I learned that kindergartens and elementary schools in Cambodia are in such an environment. And, in Japan, including technology, I learned that I was involved in childcare in a rewarding environment, and I was able to realize that I was blessed.
    What is your current task?
    It is about putting this experience to daily work. To be honest, I’ve been working hard on my day-to-day work. My own task is to “care with a feeling of time”. I sometimes fail every day, but I try to move in advance while thinking about what to do in that case.
    What do you want to do by working in the AIAIグループ group?
    This is a dream from my elementary school days, I want to work as a nursery teacher overseas. Of course, it is worthwhile to continue to be a childcare worker in Japan, but I also want to experience childcare in developed countries and developing countries like Cambodia, to gain knowledge, and to participate more and more in overseas projects. And I want to be a human resource who can be a bridge between the world like Japan and developing countries, Japan and developed countries.
  • Name : M.Arai

    Job : Ai-Ai Nursery / Staff
    Cambodia : went in November 2017

    What kind of work do you currently do?
    I am a nursery teacher at Ai-Ai Nursery School. I am currently a 0 year old child class nursery teacher.I am also in charge of planning nursery school annual events, such as “Childcare join(for parents)”, children’s day, summer festivals, ”Bean-Throwing Festival” and so on.
    Please give me your impression of Cambodia.
    I visited local elementary schools and kindergartens, and I felt that they were living powerfully while helping each other by devising through exchanges in the well digging experience
    What did you gain from your Cambodian experience (what you use for your work)?
    Instead of thinking about yourself, thinking about the other person, and putting that thought into action.In addition, it is important to have an attitude of trying to know oneself learned from the figure of children and teachers in Cambodia and to have a sense of mission in one’s work.
    What is your current task?
    It is the further improvement of the quality as one’s own childcare person and the rearing upbringing.
    What do you want to do by working in the AIAIグループ group?
    I would like to grow up as a childcare worker who has a sense of relief and security for children.