Cambodia scholarship guidelines

Purpose of the Scholarship
This Scholarship was established to support those high school students who wish to learn at university by providing a subsidy to help cover the necessary tuition fees and living expenses. This Scholarship helps students to access educational opportunities while having a stable environment in which they may focus on their studies.We expect Scholarship students to make great contributions in both Cambodia and Japan in the future.
Scholarship type
Grant-type scholarship
  1. Amount :$1200 per year
  2. Payment period: Four years, from admission to graduation
  3. Number of recipients Up to ten students per year
The Scholarship shall be transferred directly to the University’s bank account. Said transfer will be made in October (Oct. to Mar. period) and April (Apr. to Sep. period) basically.
  1. Applicants must now be studying at a high school in Siem Reap state and wishing to learn at university after graduation.
  2. Applicants should be younger than 20 on April 1st of the enrollment year.
  3. Applicants should be able to undertake an annual interview in simple Japanese, by which their situation will be monitored.
  4. Applicants should be students of High school at the time of application.Those students who have temporarily left the school, or who are repeating a year, are not eligible.
  5. Applicants should have outstanding academic results.
  6. Applicants should not have their own financial means of continuing their studies.
  7. Applicants should be healthy, both physically and mentally.
  8. Applicants should be able to secure a guarantor.
  9. Applicants should participate in global bridge’s business plan for five years after graduation from University.
How to apply
Applicants should submit all the required documents (Documents in the following “Required Documents”1&2) to either the school principal or your class teacher. You may download the application form from “”. (Homepage → Scholarship → Recommendation Letter and Family’s Financial Circumstances Report.)
Required Document
  1. Recommendation letter from your principal and confirmation note from your class teacher.(Necessary at the time of scholarship test)
  2. Family’s financial circumstances report.(Necessary at the time of scholarship test)
  3. Documents to prove your grades in high school
  4. Writing: Theme “My dream goal” (about two A4 sheets)
Application Period
Please check the facebook page for details on the application period.
Selection Process
The selection process shall be conducted based on document screening and an interview conducted through an interpreter. Only those applicants who clear the document-screening step will be asked to proceed to the interview stage.
Successful applicants will be notified without delay after the exam.
Successful applicants will receive a “Scholarship Receipt Confirmation” upon actual scholarship receipt.
Receipt of Multiple Scholarships
Applicants are permitted to receive this Scholarship in combination with others that may be awarded.
Revocation of Scholarship
The Scholarship shall be revoked in the event of any of the following circumstances. The recipients may be ordered to return the Scholarship payment (either in whole or in part).
  1. The Scholarship student takes a temporary leave of absence from the university(except in unavoidable circumstances such as sickness or when studying abroad).
  2. The Scholarship student leaves or graduates from the university.
  3. The Scholarship student perpetrates a crime incurring punishment, either by the university or the authorities.
  4. A false statement is revealed in the application document.
  5. The Scholarship student fails to attend an annual interview.
  6. The Scholarship student requests revocation of the Scholarship.
In addition to items 1 to 6, any other reason that would make the student an unsuitable recipient of the Scholarship.
Changes and Updates
In the event of any change to their registered information, applicants shall update their information immediately.
global bridge Scholarship representative
E-mail: (English or Japanese)